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"How has COVID-19 affected essential workers and their view towards working?"

The question above was the guiding question provided by Juliana in her interview with Elizabeth, a registered nurse who works in the ICU in a local medical center.

In her oral history, Elizabeth shares her experience having to reuse N95 masks and ensuring she is taking the precautions necessary to keep others and herself safe. "Due to this virus, it has definitely altered my life and perspective," Elizabeth says. "For me personally I have been trying more to take care of myself. I am trying to destress in a healthier way, whether that be going on walks, going on a hike, going on a jog."

She also shares how she cannot think of one day in recent weeks where others "didn't provide lunch for the medical workers. Small things like that helps so much to help us get through the shift."

Locally, in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, cases are rising and health care workers and other essential workers keep going. We invite you to take a few minutes and read Elizabeth's story.


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