Associate Professor of English,
Moreno Valley College

The I. E. is my home.  I am inspired by the stories shared here, as well as the dedication and attention to details that each student has shown. Oral history storytelling and methodology brings awareness to experiences, knowledge, and insights for current and future generations.


English Teacher
Mountain View Middle School

I have lived in Southern California for 20 years and love the diversity of my middle school student population. I want my “biographers” to learn about their family as well as themselves. This project gives my students a chance to share a portion of their life with others.


Social Science Educator, Rancho Verde High School

I was born and raised in Southern California.  I have had the pleasure of encountering a diverse group of students throughout my many years of teaching in the Inland Empire.  It has been my honor to learn more about and appreciate the experiences, identities, and perspectives of my students.  The Oral History Project helps students become active storytellers. It encourages them to create a multicultural tapestry of their community.


Social Science Educator, Rancho Verde High School

I have lived in Southern California for most of my life but the Inland Empire holds a special place in my heart.  I’m in awe of the beautiful lives I have encountered throughout my journey as an educator. But, what’s most inspiring are the diverse stories that each student brings with them as they enter my classroom. The Oral History Project actively gives students a public platform to share the voices of the pluralistic communities they live in.

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