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Ms. Tavares' class

Angelena Tavares is an 8th grade Language Arts at Mountain View Middle School. She has been incorporating oral history projects in her classes for the last few years. 

In 2019-2020, she asked students to complete an oral history project and then to  create their own original creative piece (e.g. poetry)  based on their project.

Always Trying His Best

by Simonee/ Inspired by the oral history of Ivan 

He suffered a lot 

with blood cancer, he was

always sick had to be in the hospital,

and  he couldn’t even play like kids

his age nor go to school.


He’s a great son 

because after his sickness has

gone away, he looked for a job

to pay back to his parents for everything

they had spend on him and even

now that he’s in the U.S. he’s always

thinks about them and sends them money.


He’s also a great father 

and always trying to do better and

making his daughters happier and always

trying to understand them.


For us, his daughters 

he is the best because he tries his best 

to raise us by himself and never talks bad 

about our mother even though we know she

is trash and he even recently offer us to talk

to her but we don’t want to talk to her.

Word wall

by Alexa/ inspired by Amanda's oral history

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