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Angela LeBlanc's class

Angela LeBlanc is an educator in Moreno Valley Unified and, in 2019-2020, required her students to engage in a long-term project where students conducted oral history interviews, read many oral histories, and learned more about their communities.

Ms. LeBlanc shared, "I really enjoyed the process. It was amazing to watch the kids grow and learn how to communicate and listen." 

Simplemente Soy Mexicana

by Sofia

Abstract: Amalia Hernandez brought a new way of culture to the United States. Miss Hernandez is still discovering untapped folklore in remote regions of Mexico. Her interests in folklorico began by noticing that her interest wasn’t really classical ballet, but a more cultural type of dance. I did know that she was the founder of what we dance today. Although, it was really interesting to know that she was involved in classical ballet. It was cool to know that the folklorico she founded in 1952 is considered a national institution.


The mixture of both classical ballet and cultural folklorico add the posture and elegance of her folklorico. Her company became successful because of the new innovations that the folklorico brought. Her eight dancer folklorico company gave her publicity on televisions across the nation. With the help of my interviewees we will speak on the struggles of the Ballet Folklorico community. 

See the complete project here. 

The Dog Days Are Over

by Raquel

Abstract: As a Mexican American student, I have continually had a particular perception of the Asian-American culture within society and my school campus. While there is a celebration and drive for culture exposure and traditions relating to Mexican and African American heritage, there has not been the related equal treatment for the Asian community. I wanted to interview teenage Asian American women and their struggles with acceptance of self and to analyze their interpretation of real-life concerns while reflecting on family ties and backgrounds. Each culture stems from differing accounts of behaviors, manners, and stereotypes that follow these students throughout their lives; I wanted to conduct interviews addressing these worries and shed some much-needed light on these narratives.


See the complete project here.  

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